You are

…an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur looking for the partner you need to turn your ideas, energy and drive into a thriving business.  You may be trying to spin out of a University, a business with a year or two of trial and error behind you or someone about to start up.  You want investment, but you also want the right team to unlock your potential.

We are

...a family-owned investment fund with a difference or two.  We have a track record of some 80 plus years of making money from business and we want to invest where we will continue that track record.  However, we also want to support and nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs.  For us this is about more than just chasing a return from the next hot sector.  We will get a kick from helping you succeed, we want to be alongside you and help you turn that idea into something amazing that takes us all onwards and upwards.

Together we

...will give your business every opportunity to succeed.  We will aim to enable you to reach your goals while we make a sound investment.

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