Wilkinson Future is pleased to announce its first investment

Wilkinson Future is pleased to announce its first investment, a modest but very exciting one! We have invested £20,000 for 20% of a new company, Reeltime Apps Limited. Our co-investor is Leo Barnett an app designer who owns the other 80% and who will drive it forward.

The first stage is to launch the Reeltime App which is a video app which lets users make videos and select how they would like footage to be shot or edited in the moment. Users seamlessly change the video setting during the shooting itself instead of changing shooting modes in between takes. The result is uninterrupted film-making and the final video requires very little, or no, post-editing. Users are also able to use the editing feature by uploading an existing video and applying the same process.

There are interesting plans to build a profitable and exciting business on the back of the initial app.

This investment has many of the hallmarks that we were targeting. We are backing the person, we have alot of faith in Leo. We will leave him to run his business but he sees gaps in his business knowledge that he is happy for us to fill whilst he learns. We can also deal with many of the boring but vital aspects of the business leaving him free to create. Some of the longer term plans he has will enable us to pull in help from the wilkos group that will be mutually beneficial.

Exciting times!

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