Tom Jelliffe of Tzuka

Tzuka, the world’s most durable sports earphones

We are delighted to announce our latest investment with Tzuka, who are are engineering the world’s most durable sports earphones.

Tzuka was founded after Tom Jelliffe and his gym buddy broke nine pairs of earphones in their final year at University. They realised that not only is the ‘sports’ earphone market entirely focused on running, but that the build quality and assembly method of sports earphones remained the same whether £10 or £200 was spent.

Designed to be shock-proof, operate underwater and the first with an impact resistance rating, the earphones can also store 900+ songs to play, without the need for a Bluetooth connection.

Tzuka have partnered with world-class British Engineering Houses as they continue to develop and test their innovative product. The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry conduct the mechanical engineering, with Newbury Innovation handling the electronic side of the product.

Tzuka has bootstrapped for two years through Loughborough University’s business incubation programme. However, with the investment from Wilkinson Future, Tzuka are now able to merge the manufacturing design with the electronic engineering to create a more advanced working prototype.

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