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Achievements and Plans from Reeltime Apps

Leo Barnett tells us his latest news:

“We’re exceptionally happy to receive our second round of funding with Wilkinson Future for Reeltime Apps.

Since the first round we developed our perfect MVP for our video app, Reelshot.

Reelshot is the first real-time video editing app which enables users to simply switch recording speeds as they shoot. This saves an enormous amount of editing time as users create fun time-lapse and slomo content on the fly.

Shortly after releasing on the App store, we received the holy grail of accolades with worldwide features from Apple, including: “Apps We Love Right Now”, “Apps You Can’t Miss” as well as an honorary feature in China for “Take Pictures of the Beauty of New Year”. We love Apple and put this success down to our relentless testing, attention to detail, and being truly unique and useful.

This exposure ignited a dramatic increase in downloads along with highly positive views and huge smiles on our faces. We’re extremely proud of our V1 and the foundations set so far. Reelshot is officially on the scene.

The bar and expectations have been set high from very early on. With continued support from the tremendous Wilkinson Future, we’re determined to continue creating an outstanding and forward thinking video app that’s competitive with leaders in the market.

We have a wonderfully talented new CTO and have built a solid team of advisors. Together we are steadily working towards our ultimate vision to inspire creativity, productivity and fun through simplified, organised and collaborative story-telling.

We simply love empowering people to be actively creative and achieve their goals.

There are limitless ways in which Reelshot can realise this vision through it’s focus on organised story-telling. Future development possibilities include the introduction of a physical product that works harmoniously with our app. Bridging the gap between digital and physical is a dream challenge for us; it looks like an inevitable future for tech generally and it’s one we want to be part of.

Finally, we’re excited to tell you that two more apps will be joining the Reeltime family this year. They are also  in the realm of photo and video and are perfect for further supporting creators.

Stay tuned and keep it reel!”







Leo J Barnett:

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Tom Jelliffe of Tzuka

Tzuka, the world’s most durable sports earphones

We are delighted to announce our latest investment with Tzuka, who are are engineering the world’s most durable sports earphones.

Tzuka was founded after Tom Jelliffe and his gym buddy broke nine pairs of earphones in their final year at University. They realised that not only is the ‘sports’ earphone market entirely focused on running, but that the build quality and assembly method of sports earphones remained the same whether £10 or £200 was spent.

Designed to be shock-proof, operate underwater and the first with an impact resistance rating, the earphones can also store 900+ songs to play, without the need for a Bluetooth connection.

Tzuka have partnered with world-class British Engineering Houses as they continue to develop and test their innovative product. The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry conduct the mechanical engineering, with Newbury Innovation handling the electronic side of the product.

Tzuka has bootstrapped for two years through Loughborough University’s business incubation programme. However, with the investment from Wilkinson Future, Tzuka are now able to merge the manufacturing design with the electronic engineering to create a more advanced working prototype.

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Wilkinson Future is pleased to announce its first investment

Wilkinson Future is pleased to announce its first investment, a modest but very exciting one! We have invested £20,000 for 20% of a new company, Reeltime Apps Limited. Our co-investor is Leo Barnett an app designer who owns the other 80% and who will drive it forward.

The first stage is to launch the Reeltime App which is a video app which lets users make videos and select how they would like footage to be shot or edited in the moment. Users seamlessly change the video setting during the shooting itself instead of changing shooting modes in between takes. The result is uninterrupted film-making and the final video requires very little, or no, post-editing. Users are also able to use the editing feature by uploading an existing video and applying the same process.

There are interesting plans to build a profitable and exciting business on the back of the initial app.

This investment has many of the hallmarks that we were targeting. We are backing the person, we have alot of faith in Leo. We will leave him to run his business but he sees gaps in his business knowledge that he is happy for us to fill whilst he learns. We can also deal with many of the boring but vital aspects of the business leaving him free to create. Some of the longer term plans he has will enable us to pull in help from the wilkos group that will be mutually beneficial.

Exciting times!

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