Wilkinson Future

Wilkinson Future is the equity investment fund within Amalgamated Holdings Wilkinson Limited (AHWL) the Wilkinson family’s company that owns a range of investments including wilkos. The directors of AHWL are Lisa Wilkinson and Jonathan Griffin and the operation of Wilkinson Future is led by Jonathan.

Lisa Wilkinson

Lisa is from the third generation of the Wilkinson family. She is a member of the wilko board, working alongside non-family executive and non-executive directors drawn from some of the best retailers in the country. She has a passion for business and is leading a transformation of the wilko business to keep it on course to pass its 100th year in fine shape.

Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan is a former partner of a national accountancy firm and now holds a number of directorships in property and care homes, as well as his involvement with AHWL.
He is responsible for driving a strategy of business and investment acquisition within AHWL to provide the family with diversified holdings.

Wilkinson Future seeks out profitable investments which sit comfortably with the Wilkinson family's desire to support new businesses. We want to 'give something back' in return for the success that being in business has provided for us.  We are not sector-specific, and will be guided by the following principles:

  • We understand the business and how it will grow;
  • We believe in the people;
  • We can provide tangible help, beyond a cash investment.

We are interested in initial small scale investments for first round funding only, typically of £20,000 to £60,000 for a minority equity stake.


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